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Interview with Ivar Jacobson by Nicole de Swart

Nicole de Swart interviews Ivar Jacobson on Use-Case 2.0

On April 21, 2015, Nicole sat down with Ivar at the Use-Case 2.0 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nicole came prepared with questions from her business analyst community in the Netherlands.

Questions asked by Nicole:

  1. Use cases became very popular in the past decades. In 2011 you introduced use case 2.0. Why did you do that and what are the main improvements?

  2. In an agile environment we don’t want to define requirements upfront anymore. Which parts or work products of Use-Case 2.0 should I make upfront and which parts just before or during a sprint or iteration?

  3. Nowadays most people have adopted user stories. Some of them have replaced use cases by user stories and others use them both and combine them.
    What do you consider the key differences and similarities between user stories and use cases?

  4. As we don’t want to elaborate a whole use case narrative, or use case specification as we used to call it, at once. A question I received several times was:
    What information about the use case do I need to know, to split it into slices and how do I find the right slices?

  5. Organizations tend to reduce custom software development and want to apply customer of the shells applications. Can Use-Case 2.0 be of value in such implementations, and how would you recommend to apply it there?