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An introductory class on using use cases for agile projects.

This two day class will equip delegates with the skills and techniques necessary to effectively elicit, communicate, and manage their requirements using use cases.

An intermediate class on using the latest use-case approach on agile projects.

This one day class is intended to introduce experienced use-case modelers to Use-Case 2.0. It builds on the current state of the art practice to present an evolution of the use-case technique that we call use-case 2.0. Although the term suggests a new version of use cases, it does not refer to an update of the UML, but rather to a set of cumulative changes in the ways software developers and business analysts succeed with use cases.

An advanced class on using use cases for large-scale software development projects.

This 1-day class is intended to equip product owners and requirement engineers with the skills they need to successfully apply use-case modeling to the requirements management of large, or out-sourced, projects and programmes. Throughout the class, common problems and their solutions will be explored.

An agile approach to business change

An agile approach to business change that allows businesses to understand and adapt their processes, and align their IT solutions with business needs. Use this practice to capture and, where necessary, redefine business processes to enable the production of more effective software solutions and increase the value that they deliver.

A Scalable Agile Practice to Capture Requirements

A scalable, agile practice that uses use cases to capture a set of requirements and drive the incremental development of a system to fulfill them. Use this practice to capture requirements in an accessible form and drive the development of software.

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