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Learn about Use-Case 2.0

Everything from User Stories but more!

Use cases is a well-proven technique for doing requirements and it has been part of the inspiration for more recent techniques such as user stories. Now the inspiration has flown in the other direction. Use-Case 2.0 is the new generation of use-case driven development – light, agile and lean – inspired by user stories, Scrum and Kanban.

Use-Case 2.0 has all the popular values from the past, not just supporting requirements but also architecture, design, test, operations, user experience, and also instrumental in business modeling and software reuse. In fact, the use case idea has become so widespread that the term ‘use case’ has become a normal English word used to understand the usages of virtually anything.

Principles of Use-Case 2.0


Learn the Agile Way to Do Use Cases

Learn the Agile Way to Do Use Cases

Learn the Agile Way to Do Use Cases

Use Cases are the Hub of the Software Development Lifecycle

How to be value-driven and deliver value early-and-often

Making the most of both