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Agile Use Cases are Everywhere…

Used in all domains such as industrial internet, self-driving cars, and cloud computing.

Impacting Everyone…

A common language unifying clients, development and operations, partners, sales, marketing and support.

And Everything They Do…

Driving and coordinating the work across all disciplines, and across business, systems, hardware and software.

“Using Use-Case 2.0 for agile projects seems to be an answer to the most important challenges we had on the specification and development side using the Scrum framework.”

Jordi Reineman
Manager Analysis & Design

“Agile use cases has turned out to be the perfect solution for my financial client for providing the business context, functional scope and just-in-time value-driven scenarios that fuel a prioritized backlog for agile delivery.”

Bernie Clark


Use-Case 2.0 ebook

Case Study from a major US Bank

Interview with Ivar Jacobson by Nicole de Swart